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Service Type 
Service Procedure  

Service Procedure

  1. Find relevant service you need from CC Shanghai
  2. Send us an email or call us directly for your requests
  3. CCshanghai professional consultant will send you proposal about the most suitable candidates
  4. If you are interested in these candidates, we will arrange interview at your convenient time
  5. If you like any of the candidates, we will need to sign agreement and collect our commission. Then the nanny or maid will start one week’s trial.
  6. If you are happy with nanny or maid, then the contract continues. If not, CCshanghai will arrange new interviews and trials until you are satisfied.
  7. CCshanghai consultant will communicate with all our customers on a seasonly basis to receive their feedback about our service and the nanny or maid’s performance.
  8. Adjust and improve our service with your good suggestions.