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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I arrange for service and how much do you charge?
A. Just contact us and tell consultant your requirements by email or phone. We will search for available suitable candidates and give you their general background. You can choose to interview or try them. We only charge one time service commission. It's 40% of the nanny or maid's first month salary.

Q. Can I change the maid/nanny if I'm not happy with her after one week's probation? Will you charge again?
A. If you are not happy with maid/nanny any time during the contract term, we can send you replacement and won't charge service fee for the same salary. If the new ayi's salary is higher, we only charge the commission balance.

Q. What if I only want a one time cleaning?
A. We are happy to provide one time cleanings. Just contact us to book a time. We have professional cleaning team as well as individual cleaning staff.

Q. Can I trust the staff you send out to my home?
A. Yes. All the new staff need introduction person to join CCshanghai and the introduction person needs to guarantee the new staff's behavior. We check all the staff’s ID to make sure it’s real. All the staff needs to register at the local police station to make sure they don't have criminal record.

Q. What happens if ayi gets injured in my home?
A. We recommend employer to buy a housekeeper accident insurance. CCshanghai helps to handle the house keeping accident insurance. It covers all the serious acciden.

Q. Do I have to pay the nanny or maid if I go on vacation?
A. Yes. The nanny or maid gets a monthly salary. If you go on vacation and want to keep the same ayi, you still need to pay her.

Q. How many holidays does the nanny or maid have per year?
A. The nanny or maid will have the public holiday off. There are total 11 working days off per year. If you go on vacation, you can choose to ask ayi to come or give her extra days off.

Q. How does the bonus, hong bao work?
A. Normally if the nanny or maid works for you for one year and does a good job, she expects one month salary as bonus at Chinese New Year. If she works for you for less than one year, bonus can be prorated at CNY.

Q. Do I have to pay my nanny or maid if she is sick or asks for days off? Will ccshanghai find temporary replacement for me?
A. You don’t necessarily need to pay your nanny or maid’s salary if she is sick or ask for days off. CCshanghai will try to find you a temporary replacement.

Q. When do I pay nanny or maid’s salary?
A. Please pay your nanny or maid’s salary at the end of each month.

Q. Do I have to provide food for nanny or maid?
A. Normally the full time nanny or maid expects to have food at employer’s home. Live in for 3 meals. Live out for lunch or dinner according to the working hours.

Q. Can I terminate the contract within one year?
A. Yes. If you have changes in plan and doesn’t need nanny or maid within one year contract, it’s ok to terminate the contract. Please either give your ayi or nanny two weeks’ notice or pay her two weeks’ salary as compensation.